Friday night entertainment – Kacey Stephenson


Kacey Stephensen is a folk singer, song writer and story teller whose musical flavour weaves together inspiration from an array of sources; Celtic myth, nature, magic and philosophy are some of the themes expressed in his music. KC’s voice will take you on a journey into other worlds and deep into the magic of nature.



Saturday night entertainment – Spiral Dance


Multi-award winning group Spiral Dance, based in Adelaide, has been playing exciting,

high-energy music to enthusiastic audiences throughout Australia and beyond for two

decades. With a combination of haunting vocals, intoxicating guitar riffs, evocative fiddle

and groovy accordion lines, underpinned with potent bass and dynamic percussion, the band

presents an eclectic blend of traditional folk-rock with powerful self-penned songs and

tunes. Rousing melodies intertwine with mythical tales that will spirit you into the realms of

magick and the mists of ancient time - music that will rock your ancestors!

The Australian Wiccan Conference 2019 - Hosted by the The Pagan Collective of Victoria 

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