Gemma Gary - Special International Guest

Gemma Gary is a British ‘Old Craft’ initiate, an occultist, writer, artist, traditional ‘guise’ performer and a trustee of ‘Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft’. Her written work explores witchcraft and folk magical traditions, often with a focus upon these traditions as found in Devonshire and Cornwall.

The Body of the Witch: Connecting with the Fetch - Lee Morgan 

This workshop will aim to explore the place of movement, sound, dance, story and the body as the locale of the sacred. There will be a discussion of dance and motion in traditional witchcraft narratives leading into some practical exercises aimed at centring the participants’ experience of the numinous in the flesh.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Limit: 20 participants

Lee Morgan - Anderean Witch House

Lee Morgan's works to date include three novels, a non-fiction introduction to the field of traditional witchcraft studies, A Deed

Without a Name, and contributions to the Three Hands Press anthologies Hands of Apostasy and Penumbrae.

Traditional witchcraft and the Faerie faith have occupied Lee’s attention from an early age, and he has held office in his magical community for two decades. Scholarship and creative fiction continue to allow him to speak, in some suggestive way, of things that cannot otherwise be spoken.


Both As One - Sarah Morgan

Horses are arguably the most important animal in human history. They dance along the walls of caves, stretch in white chalk across the hills of England, pull chariots inside pyramids. They have carried warriors, explorers, and invaders, sped the hunt, lent strength to the plough. They have been used in divination, as the magical steeds of the Gods, symbols of the sovereignty of the land, and as our companions. No surprise, then, that they have also been the focus of much of our folklore and magic.

In this presentation, we'll look at some of the ways in which British and European folklore,

superstition, and magic have focused on protecting and mastering horses, the crafts of the horse whisperers, blacksmiths, and ploughmen, and how those have shaped modern Paganism - and how our evolving relationship with the horse might continue to inform Pagan philosophy.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Sarah Morgan - Monthly Hills Pagan Coffee Meets/The Pagan Collective of Victoria

Sarah was happily solitary for 3 decades, until the Pagan Collective of Victoria dragged her into Pagan Public Service in 2014, and now she cannot seem to stop. She has run the Monthly Hills Pagan Coffee Meets for 4 years, and is on the organising committee for the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering. She and the Hills group have been leading public ritual since 2017, including the 2017 MFPG Beltane ritual.

Her practice is heavily influenced by the traditional witchcraft and folklore that originally drew her to Paganism, as well as animism, chaos magic, Hermetic philosophy, and connection with nature.

She has owned, worked with, and studied horses for 38 years, and currently works as a farrier, combining modern research with the old

techniques of the Whisperers. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering for more Pagan public service, then feeling harried about having no spare time.

The Sussex Tradition of Witchcraft - Dylan Raventree

An exploration of the Sussex tradition by its guardian, Dylan Raventree.

The Sussex tradition is a version of a traditional form of English Witchcraft which originated in Etchingham in Sussex during the 1940’s. It was brought to Australia in the early 1960’s and practised in a Perth Coven known as Coventus Quercus.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished


DYLAN Raventree - Alexandrian Wicca & Sussex Witchcraft

Dylan Raventree is a Third-Degree Alexandrian Witch, an ordained minister of the Fellowship of Isis and Priest of the Arts Magical whose lineage extends back to Britain where he was born in the shadow of the mythical Isle of Arianrhod in Wales.

Now retired, he lives on the beautiful northwest coast of Tasmania where he is a guardian of the Sussex Tradition; a version of a traditional form of English Witchcraft which originated in Etchingham in Sussex during the 1940’s. It was brought to Australia in the early 1960’s and practised in a Perth Coven known as Coventus Quercus.

Dylan’s resolve to preserve the ancient mystery traditions of his Craft is evident as he guides seekers along the path to the Old Gods through worship and celebration.

Dying to Meet You: An Exploration of the Dead - Jason Tremain

An overview of historical perspectives of the dead, their transmission, and implications. The aim is to explore the nature of the dead, their place in relation to us and our practice, as well as how to initiate a practice involving them.

This workshop will be detailed in areas which will not be made inaccessible by one’s experience or occult knowledge. It will, however, be dense and likely more useful for people with some experience or knowledge of European folklore, mythology, and some idea of necromancy.

Level: Intermediate to Accomplished

Jason Tremain - Alexandrian Wicca

This intellectually promiscuous chap has spent the better part of thirteen years actively engaged in the pursuit of experiences to answer his many questions. Born from the brackish waters of European gentry and an Australian farming family of several generations, his interests began in youth and were fortunately encouraged. The women of the family, while partial to a bit of wart charming, were vastly more interested in telling family stories and talking with their favoured birds or plants. This culture provides the foundation and the focus of his practices today.

He emerges now from the ether to share stories of the dead with you - and help you connect with your own.

The Minoan Snake Goddess and Altered States of Consciousness - Caroline Tully

This workshop examines the Minoan Snake Goddess as well as methods whereby the Minoans (the people of Bronze Age Crete from around 1700 - 1500 BCE) achieved altered states of consciousness. It will involve a combination of pictorial and verbal presentation and participatory activities.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Caroline Tully - Pagan Reconstructionist 

Caroline Tully has a background in Classics and Archaeology and Fine Art. She has many areas of interest including ancient Mediterranean religions, magic from all historical periods, women in religion, and contemporary Paganisms, particularly modern Witchcraft and Pagan Reconstructionism (the practice of historically accurate ancient Pagan religions). Caroline also has a strong interest in Reception Studies, especially in regard to the use of the ancient religions of Egypt and Minoan Crete by modern ceremonial magicians and Pagans.

Caroline has written for many Pagan and occult publications and was a feature writer for Australia’s Witchcraft Magazine for six years. Her current research focuses on tree worship in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Aegean, Levant and Egypt.

Written on the Walls - David Waldron

Dr David Waldron, Senior Lecturer in History at Federation University, will give a discussion and survey of surviving historical traces of the practices of cunning men and women in colonial Australia, drawing on his recent field work in Western Victoria with the Australian Magic Research project and previous research in England, Scotland and Wales.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished


David Waldron - Historian and Folklorist

Dr David Waldron is an historian working in the School of Education and Arts at Federation University.

David is a strong proponent of community engagement and active learning models in the teaching of history. He is an active researcher in local history and folklore studies and is the author of Snarls from the Tea Tree: Australia’s Big Cat Folklore, Shock! the Black Dog of Bungay: A Case Study in Local Folklore and Sign of the Witch: Modernity and the Pagan Revival. Most recently he has made contributions to and edited the anthology of 19th Century South East Australian folklore Goldfields and the Gothic: A Hidden Heritage and Folklore.

David is the researcher and co-writer of the Goldfields History podcast series Tales from Rat City.


The Fellowship of the Sing - Peter Mc & Josephine Winter

Set to turn forty in 2021, the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering is now the longest-running neopagan gathering in the world, and its unique people and traditions are just one of the things that keep it going strong decade to decade.

In this workshop, Peter Mc and Josephine Winter invite folks of all traditions and walks of life to join them in writing a song for the people, by the people. A reworking of a traditional Irish song, it is hoped this piece will form part of the MFPG ritual in October this year.

No experience necessary. Bring instruments if you feel the need to.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Limit: 20 participants

Reason for the Season: Spring Equinox History and Customs - Josephine Winter

An introduction to the background, traditions and motifs of Ostara and the Spring Equinox, and equip participants with a toolkit of ideas and resources for their own craft. This presentation will look at equinox celebrations across history and cultures, and explore why we as witches and neopagans celebrate as we do today.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Josephine Winter - Alexandrian Wicca/The Pagan Collective of Victoria

Josephine Winter is an author, teacher and podcaster from provincial Victoria.

She co-founded the Pagan Collective of Victoria in 2014. The organisation has since grown to cater to over five hundred members across the state, each year running more than sixty free public events, rituals and meetups. The PCV has received acclaim both in Australia and internationally for its active, unapologetic stance against bigotry and hate in and peripheral to the Victorian Pagan community.

Josephine is also on the organising committee for the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering and writes as the Australian correspondent for international Pagan news platform The Wild Hunt. She is the host of the Pagan Pyjama Party podcast and the author of a forthcoming book for Llewellyn Worldwide.

I sall goe in the Divellis name

This presentation is an exploration of accounts of magic, witchcraft and fairy lore in 17th Century Scottish witchcraft, with particular reference to Isobel Gowdie's legacy. It looks at both the context and the content of trial records along with contemporary accounts of beliefs about witchcraft and faery lore, exploring how one can use this rich source to deepen and enhance your own personal Craft practice.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Andrew - Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca

Andrew is a Gardnerian and Alexandrian High Priest with many and varied interests, including folklore, music, languages, myth, anthropology and history, both generally and Wiccan (and Witchcraft) history specifically. Originally initiated nearly 25 years ago, Andrew has been involved in both national and international Pagan organisations and communities, has attended and presented at a number of different events and assisted in running the AWC in the past. Andrew currently runs a Gardnerian Coven in Victoria with his partner.

The Wheel of Virtue – Craig

British Traditional Wicca early adopted something close to the modern Druidic wheel of the year as an integral part of its practice, expressed in a cycle of eight Sabbats. Eight is a special number in the Craft. We have eight sabbats, eight paths, eight tools and, though it is often overlooked, eight qualities. Craig’s last lecture at AWC 2017 provided a brief proposal for mapping the qualities onto the sabbats.

This lecture will take that concept much further, proposing a scheme wherein the qualities are the root of the interpretation of the sabbats, and also tie the qualities to aspects of the Kabbalistic tree of life. Craig believes this will reveal significant aspects of the Craft which are inherent in its ancestry and traditions, but which have been largely obscured. He thus hopes to show that new truths can be derived from the ancient DNA of our practices.

A basic familiarity with the sabbat cycle would be helpful, but it isn't necessary.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished


Craig - Alexandrian Wicca

Craig is an Alexandrian Initiate. He has presented talks at three previous AWCs. He also participated as a speaker in the public debate and hosted a discussion at the 2006 AWC.


Circle vs. Compass: Perspectives in Casting - Tess Hudson

Southern Hemisphere practitioners is the concern over casting our circles the same way as Northern Hemisphere practitioners. In this workshop, participants will explore the magical reasons behind the various techniques, and time permitting do some hands-on experimentation.

The aim is not to provide a definitive answer, but rather provide the tools for you to work out for yourself what suits you best, and have that practice backed by sound magical lore.

This is not aimed at absolute beginners - it is not being trained to cast a circle, but rather to explore the different ways circles are cast and the magical rationale behind those choices. Both knowledge and experience of circle casting will give the attendee the best result. Also knowledge and experience of at least one set of elemental attributions and/or quarter attributions.

Level: Intermediate to Accomplished


Tess Hudson – Alexandrian Wicca

Tess has been a student of the Occult Arts since the early 1980s with an emphasis on Golden Dawn style Ceremonial Magic and Wicca.

Throughout the 80's and into the early 90's Tess was very active in the wider Pagan community, and had articles published in several local and international magazines. She was in the Pan-Pacific Pagan Alliance, later known more simply as the Australian Pagan Alliance, from its inception and served as one of the ACT counsellors as well as some time as editor of the Pagan Times - the PA's quarterly newsletter/magazine. Whilst she didn't get to attend the first two AWCs held in South Australia, she was a regular attendee after that until she moved to the Northern Territory. She presented workshops at many of the AWCs she attended and was a co-convenor of the 1994 AWC held in Canberra. After moving to the NT in 1997, she was less public and less active in the community.

Tess is very happy to be back amongst it, and to once again have the opportunity to attend various gatherings on a more regular basis, as these are valuable opportunities to meet new people, share ideas, and catch up with old friends.

Hoodoo and the Mojo bag - Gaia of the Dark Moon

Learn about hoodoo, the history and how to incorporate it into your practice, make your own mojo bag.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Limit: 15 participants



Gaia of the Dark Moon - Darkmoon Healing Art/

Gaia of the Dark Moon is an eclectic professional witch who lives, works and studies by the old ways, with a deep reverence for nature. As a lifelong practitioner, she was born and raised all over the New England area of the USA, where she learned her craft from various teachers, most recently as an initiate of the Temple of Witchcraft.

As an eclectic, Gaia weaves elements of different practices within her craft, such as scientific pantheism, animism, traditional witchcraft, Wicca and Conjure (hoodoo). She has a special interest in plant magick, and is a reader of the bones. She is also an artist, art therapist, a meditation teacher and holistic counselor, devising unique art workshops designed to open intuitiveness through the act of creating.


I Shall go into a Hare: Incorporating Folklore into Ritual

When Gardner, Valiente and others originally developed the early sabbats to complement their practices, they were deliberately tapping into a rich history of folklore that existed in Britain. Their aim was to connect with the beliefs and customs of people and encourage a greater connection with the land. This aim can still be achieved through incorporating traditional folkloric practices within modern rituals. This is both a theoretical and practical workshop, which will explore how, from a Traditional Wiccan perspective, rituals can be constructed and enhanced using selected elements of folklore.

This presentation will specifically focus on some folklore around hares at the time of the Spring Equinox, to assist workshop participants to write and stage a short ritual. This will include making seasonal incense and props to suit the ritual, and handouts to assist participants in writing their own rituals.

Both experienced people and beginners are completely welcome - this workshop is suitable for all levels.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Limit: 30 participants


Julie - Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca

Julie is a Gardnerian and Alexandrian HPS who runs a coven in Victoria with her partner.  She was initiated nearly 25 years ago and has been involved in various Pagan organisations and helped to run AWCs in the past. She has also run several workshops in past AWCs as well as written rituals for wide range of occasions. 

She works full time and raises a family of both human and furry children. Her interests, among other things, include folklore, history, gardening and reading lots of books.

Islamic Magic: Spells, Amulets and the Healer Tradition - Yushah Klio

In this presentation we will delve into the Islamic practices that - unbeknownst to the modern Muslim - hold a great deal of magick within them. Through a combination of literature and Yushah’s own experience we will look at the use of scripture in spell casting historically and today, how that translates into the Muslim Healer tradition, and the power of amulets in Islam for both dark and light purposes. This presentation stands at the crossroads of Islam and Wicca, and will then touch on other traditions that have had an influence on Islamic Magick.

While a base level knowledge of Islam would be useful, no prior knowledge will be assumed.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Yushah Klio - Muslim Pagan

With a Muslim upbringing, a PhD in physics, and a pagan spirit, Yushah Klio is a practitioner of intersectional magick - often by

necessity! Yushah found Wicca at an early stage in life and moved away from his Muslim upbringing, only to find its magick following him wherever he went. He comes from a maternal and paternal lineage of Islamic Healers and had that tradition passed down to him.

After much internal conflict, today Yushah has struck a balance to find a pagan tradition that combines the magick of traditional

Wicca, early Islamic Practices and a hint of science. His interests lie in amulet-making, spell crafting, divination through the Tarot, and base energy exchange.

Animal Kin: Observation and Truth


How well do we know the animals we feel strong bonds with? How do we interpret the signs, energies, and meanings attributed to them? How do we create meaningful dialogue with the land and its inhabitants? How is this knowledge affected by ancient lore and modern cultural bias? How can we move beyond the concept of animal totems and deepen our relationship to our nonhuman kin?

Animals are all around us and it's time for us to engage with them in meaningful conversation.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

The Four Queens of Death - Dorian Manticore

Pre-industrialised societies lived with an intimate knowledge of death; a subject which has now become sanitised and taboo in the West.

Who are the Four Queens of Death of the Sovereigns of the Golden Path (SGP), and how do they relate to us in the modern world? In spring, the Queen of Green Death offers us an alternative way of envisioning fertility; one of the sacredness of rot and decay.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished



Dorian Manticore - Sovereigns of the Golden Path/The Pagan Collective of Victoria

Dorian Manticore is a Victorian creative, working with costumes, writing, art and more. They founded Sovereigns of the Golden Path in 2017 as a space for queer, LGBTI and Othered people to explore story, spirituality, authenticity and magic. They are also active in the Reclaiming witchcraft community and are a committee member of the Pagan Collective of Victoria. 

They have a keen interest in pop culture, video games, animism, chaos magic and activism.

Charm Making - Linda Marold 

This workshop will combine some definitions, some history and a whole lot of information on the construction and charging of the magical

objects known as "charms". Participants will construct a simple health and protection charm for themselves.

If you wish to join us please be showered and dressed in clean clothes, (the reason for this will be explained).

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Limit: 20 participants

Linda Marold - Alexandrian Wicca

Linda Marold is a priestess, teacher, writer, environmentalist, artist and permaculture practitioner.

Initiated by Wiccan trailblazer Simon Goodman in 1981, Linda has been an Alexandrian priestess for almost four decades, and has been considered an elder of the tradition in Australia since the 1990s. Linda was among the many who helped shape the Pagan and

witchcraft communities in Australia during the formative 1970s and 1980s. She and her husband Michel also co-founded the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering. Set to celebrate its thirty-eighth year in October, the gathering is now among the longest-running Neopagan events in the world, with Linda and Michel still leading its organising committee.

Linda was a founding member of the Celtic Heritage Society, and has helped organise several Australian Wiccan Conferences. Her writing and artwork has been published widely throughout the years under a range of noms de plume.  Preferring the quiet life, Linda lives with her family on an off-grid, eco-friendly farmlet in the Central Victorian bush.

Celtic Faerie Tales - Peter Mc

An hour long session with song and stories, delving into the spells and magic of folktales and myth from the Celtic Nations. There will be a little bias to the visions and beliefs of the west of Ireland, as well as a story or two collected by Peter During the 1980s.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Peter Mc - Musician and Storyteller

With forty years collecting Celtic stories and songs and an equal time telling stories and performing them everywhere - from libraries to pubs and universities - not to mention a short career in public radio with an award-winning show, Peter Mc has a wealth of experience to share. An inaugural member of the AWC and with an extremely long association with the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering he has also been a stalwart of the magical community.

Of Perfumes, or Suffumigations, Their Manner and Power – Ryan McLeod

This presentation is an exploration of incense and its ritual use throughout the ages. Incense has been an important component of magic and ritual across the world and throughout history. Ryan will introduce a variety of incense materials both historical and modern, exploring magical uses, production, quality, and how to optimise the olfactory qualities of each.

Samples of the various materials will feature, so that participants can experience the scent of raw and burned ingredients firsthand, and how to identify genuine material and quality.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

The Witches' Runes – Ryan McLeod

Stones O’Leary, Sea Stones, Gypsy Runes… The Witches’ Runes are known by many names.

Not to be confused with Futhark Runes, the Stones O’Leary are their own unique system. In this workshop, participants will explore an often-overlooked divination tool. If you are new to divination or are wanting to add a new skill to your magical knowledge, then this workshop is for you.

Learn the history of the Witches’ Runes and the mythos behind the stones; how to connect with

your stones; how to interpret the symbols and stone combinations; and how to cast the stones and perform a reading. Participants will receive their own set of Witches’ Runes and a handy guide to take home.

Level: Beginner to Accomplished

Limit: 30 participants


Ryan McLeod -

Ryan McLeod is an Alexandrian witch based in Victoria. He is passionate about helping grow his local Pagan community: in

February of 2012 he co-founded Queer Pagan Men Australia, a social group for queer men to come together and explore their unique spiritual experiences. In 2014 Ryan also co-founded the Pagan Collective of Victoria, the state’s only not for profit Pagan community organisation, to help connect Australia’s diverse Pagan scene. Ryan is an organiser of the Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering, an annual Beltane celebration held in Central Victoria which has become the longest running event of its kind in the world.

Ryan also runs Australian-focused online discussion forum Witches of OZ and in his free time makes and sells incense under the brand


Ryan has walked the Pagan path for two decades. During this

time he has mastered the art of creating ritual incense, oils and salves. his incense workshops have been a resounding success at many gatherings around Australia.


The Australian Wiccan Conference 2019 - Hosted by the The Pagan Collective of Victoria 

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