This event is fully catered by venue staff and omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan options will be available. Other special dietary requirements can also be catered for; please advise us when booking to make sure we are able to fulfil your needs. See the medical form details in the Registration Pack.

Coloured wrist bands will be provided to help staff identify which meal plan you have indicated i.e. omnivore/vegetarian/vegan/special dietary requirements.



  • Friday: Dinner

  • Saturday: Breakfast / Morning Tea / Lunch / Afternoon Tea / Dinner

  • Sunday: Breakfast / Morning Tea / Lunch / Afternoon Tea

Fresh fruit will be available in the Dining Hall throughout the weekend. Self-service tea and coffee will be available in the Dining Hall.



It is a tradition at The Australian Wiccan Conference that at mealtimes there is a specific order in which attendees are served. This is to honour the roles that people play within the gathering and the needs of those with special dietary requirements.*


  1. Spring Queen and Spring King (who will be served their food instead of lining up)

  2. Bards (our esteemed musical performers)

  3. Wiccan & Pagan Elders
 (it is customary that a coven member or student collect their meal on their behalf)

  4. Special Dietary Needs

  5. Vegans and Vegetarians

  6. Everyone Else

  • Anyone needing to set up for an event immediately after dinner will be able to eat earlier if needed.


The Australian Wiccan Conference 2019 - Hosted by the The Pagan Collective of Victoria 

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