There will be three rituals at this year’s Wiccan Conference: a Welcoming Ritual, our main Spring Equinox Ritual and a Farewell Ritual.


Please note: The Australian Wiccan conference does not allow for people running private rituals on the weekend unless facilitated by a presenter in an approved workshop.


Welcoming Ritual  Presented by: The Pagan Collective of Victoria


A ritual to welcome the guests, thank the local land and spirits for having us and build fellowship.


Spring Equinox Ritual Presented by: The Castlemaine Coven


The main Ritual will be held in celebration of the Spring and is a Wiccan based ritual. Whilst attendance at the main ritual is not mandatory in any way, if you do choose to participate, you will be required to attend the pre-ritual prep. We strongly encourage attendees to wear their own ritual costumes if they are appropriate for the event. Please contact the ritual co-ordinator to discuss if you are unsure. The ritual will not be skyclad and the event is NOT clothing optional.


Farewell Ritual Presented by: The Pagan Collective of Victoria


We have met in fellowship and now we part ways with new friendships and connections made,  we pass the spirit of the AWC to our 2020 hosts.

The Australian Wiccan Conference 2019 - Hosted by the The Pagan Collective of Victoria 

© 2019 by The Pagan Collective of Victoria  

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