All workshops, lectures and entertainment over the weekend are included in your ticket price. Conference papers containing workshop notes will be mailed to all participants three months after the event and will also be available electronically.


 Special International Guest 

 At this year’s AWC a Special International Guest will join us.

We can’t announce who it will be just yet but to give you a hint - they are a highly-respected author on Traditional Witchcraft and Folklore…stay tuned for the formal announcement!


Workshops & Lectures - what can you expect at this year’s Wiccan Conference?

Our theme for this year’s conference is "By magic of old, be it done". It is an exploration of traditional folk magic and witchcraft practices.  The workshops and lectures should reflect this theme.  We are looking for presenters for this year’s conference. Here is a list of workshop ideas you may wish to present or use to spark your imagination – or come up with your own to fit the theme :


  • Folk Herbalism

  • Circle vs. Compass: Perspectives in Casting

  • Australian Perspectives on European Traditional Witchcraft

  • Horse Lore  

  • Charms, Talismans, and Amulets

  • Axis Mundi: The Stang and the World Tree

  • The Cauldron and the Well

  • Bonfires and Flames in Historical and Modern Practice

  • Correspondences: Their History and Relevance in 21stC Australia

  • Necromancy - Talking to the Spirits

  • Flying Ointments and Psychoactives in Witchcraft

  • Morris Dancing and English Folk Festival Traditions

  • Finding and Establishing Sacred Spaces Outdoors

  • Divination

  • Witchcraft Community in Australia

  • Cunningfolk

  • European Traditional Magic and Folk Practices

  • Hard vs Soft Polytheism

  • Intersections Between Christianity and Witchcraft

  • Non-theistic Witchcraft

  • Animal Lore

  • Under A Southern Sky: Our Constellations and Sky-Stories

  • Consistent Cosmology: Making Things Add Up

  • Australian Cultureandhowituniquelycolours our practice and community

  • Hexencraft

  • Magical Defence – old ways to protect yourself and your home.

  • Pins, Nails and thorns – eight ways of making magic.

  • Rosaleen Norton – Her magical Practice and cosmology

  • Dark Shamanism – putting Isobel Gowdie’s confessions into practice.   



You can apply to run a workshop here All confirmed presenters receive free registration and a discounted Room ticket.

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